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All About Me

Me at home Well, as you may have guessed, My name is Adrian Bawn. I`m 42 years old, and I`m a Network Support Engineer (which means I spend most of my day firefighting problems that Bill Gates produced).

I currently work for a medium sized consultancy firm in Fareham, Hampshire, and have been there for a while now but its still quite interesting, and I dont intend to move on any time soon (unless I win the lottery :D).

I have various hobbies including going to the cinema, reading, and graphic design. My spare time, however, is usually spent infront of my PCs chatting to my many friends online, and helping them with their own PC related problems.

When I get five minutes to my self, I tend to just chill to some calming music. Mellow trance tracks seem to do it for me, but some light classical music could also do the trick, it really depends on the mood.

The love of my life is named Emma, and we origially met in secondary school. Our relationship, however, didn't flourish until we met up agian in college but we`ve been together for around 24 years now, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A Brief History of.... Me

My education was a fairly run of the mill sort. I spent my formative years at Portchester Castle School. A mixed infant and junior school in my home village. Here I made many friends, who stayed with me on this journey.

The next step was into secondary education which was spent at the local Comunity school. This catered for my educational needs, but I didnt really try that hard. Even so, I came out with a handfull of useful grades and carried on into further education.

This next stage in my life was served in the confines of Fareham College, a rather drab place, but just about up to the job of teaching me GNVQ Advanced IT. I wasnt doing that well on the course, the projects were fine, but the writing was a bore.
It was at this point that my father passed away. It was very sudden, and I`d rather not go into detail here, but suffice to say this managed to disrupt my education somewhat and I ended up having to repeat several modules of the course. After managing to get thoroughly non-plussed on the whole education thing, and dragging it out for as long as I could stand, I decided to get a job.

My first interview went very well and I managed to land the position of PC Build engineer at a small retail company in Waterlooville called Mē. This basically required me to build as many PCs as i could (to varying specs) every day. This was interesting as I got to play with plenty of different pieces of hardware, but it did get repetitive. I progressed quickly through the ranks within Mē to become an On site technician for the corporate arm of the company. This gave me a good basis to build a future career.
From this, I moved on to a company called Colt International working as an internal Network Support Engineer. While I like to think that I gained the position purely on my own merits, I`m fairly certain that I got the job mainly because my "soon to be" boss was the father of a good friend of mine. Still, its all about who you know not what you know, right? :D

I spent the next three years here working around the company in its various locations around the UK and the EU. I also managed to study and get a MCSE qualification. Thats Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for those who werent sure. Unfortunatly it was at this pont that the company had a turn for the worse profit wise, and had to lay of quite a few staff. Being one of the newer members, I was one of them. So from there I moved on to a position at BMT Reliability Consultants.

Here I took on the role as the sole IT Support Engineer for approx 40 users. In my time here I have undertaken 2 full network migrations, and one partial migration. I`ve rolled out various versions of the MS product suite and takled several IT emergencies. In late 2005, my admin role was split from the main company into a 3rd party service company, and I moved with the role. I`m now part of a larger team spread over several sites supporting over 300 users; however, I still support the 40 odd original users on a day to day basis.

Thats my story up to date.